Grand Slam Paintball – Located at Hartwick Highlands Campground

Come see us at Grand Slam Paintball at Hartwick Highlands Campground in Milford, NYAt Grand Slam Paintball, we are dedicated to providing family fun in a safe playing environment for all visitors. Specializing in first time and novice players, it is required that all players learn the rules and strategy of the game with an emphasis on safety.

Paintball is America’s fastest growing extreme sport. Unlike extreme sports like mountain climbing, motocross, stock car racing, sky diving and whitewater kayaking, paintball gives you a high adrenaline rush without a risk of serious injury, due to an error in judgment. No extensive training is required to play. There are no barriers between gender, strength, or age (10+), promoting social interaction and gender equality. Paintball is a challenging and exciting sport that teaches many valuable skills.